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Who takes over after you?

Who takes over after you?

17 October, 2020

Vera Chidi-Maha


FOR us in this part of the world, writing one’s will or choosing a next of kin is not seen as a top priority. People are so busy with everything else, hence the temptation to ignore the most vital issues of life becomes unavoidable. We have heard of cases where the man forgets to write down his next of kin, and at the event of his death, his extended family forcefully acquires all his wealth and leaves the immediate family empty handed. Women more often than not have fallen victims due to the negligence of their husbands. Naturally, nobody wants to think or plan of his or her death, but because it is inevitable. It is important that one should learn to plan for the future. It is in the light of the above that we compelled our respondents to talk about who takes over when they leave planet earth.

Mrs Bridget Mustapha

Before I got married, my immediate younger one was my next of kin. But when I got married and started having kids, I changed my next of kin to my husband. The reason is very simple when a lady gets married,her siblings immediately become her extended family. The Bible commands that you and your spouse become one flesh. I am very sure that if you ask my husband, he will tell you that I am his next of kin. I do not see any reason to choose anybody else. If something happens to me today, I am confident that my children will not lack anything because he loves them dearly.

Mr. Oyebanji Abiodun

My wife is my next of kin. I love my wife dearly, and I trust her with my life. In fact, there is nothing she doesn’t know about me. Currently, we are not even in the same location, but we trust each other. I cannot leave any of my kids as my next of kin. I am fully aware of a mother’s love. No mother will ever abandon her child no matter how wayward she is. Even if she remarries after I am gone, I believe strongly that her kids will still be treated with utmost care and provision. After all, when a child is good, the credit in most cases, goes to the mother.

Mr. Alfred Nweke

My pastor is my next of kin. My understanding of the next of kin has to do with a person you can trust. I have known my pastor for years now, and he is a very dependable person. He is a believer, he knows and fears God and I know that he will make and take wise decisions that will benefit my immediate family.

Mr. Williams Aliyu

My elder brother is my next of kin. I can never choose my wife. I am a Muslim and I can pick another woman when I choose, but with due respect to women, I would like to state here that women are not deep thinkers. They make and change their minds as often as they change their clothes. I cannot entrust my wealth to any woman. Some women can be so blinded by jealousy that they can even plan to undo their husbands, just to achieve their selfish objectives.

Suppose I make my wife my next of kin, and I die today, what do you think will happen there after? I know for sure that she will waste no time in getting remarried. What happens then? What will be the future of my other wife or wives as the case maybe? What will become the fate of my children, even the children from other woman or women? My elder brother is simply and surely my next of kin.

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