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Swift Network launches landline telephone services

Swift Network launches landline telephone services

17 October, 2020

Our Reporter


SWIFT Telephone Network (STN) has launched its landlines telephone which was popular in various parts of the country before the introduction of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) into Nigeria’s telecommunications market.

According to the Managing Director of Swift Telephone Network, Mr. Oluwole Adetuyi, the 01-343….network is a separate entity and is not in any way related to the internet service provider, Swift 4G, being offered by the communication company.

He said the company is poised to provide telephone services that transit beyond the limits of the already known landline framework as it will provide the users the opportunity to manage modern telecommunication features, with an expanding feature of their voice solution.

He said the product will enable the user the flexible preference that would allow subscribers to manage volume of inbound and outbound calls, set limits to external calls and consequently help households and SMEs control communication budget.

While throwing insights to the features of the products, he said the features include it hosts private Branch Exchange (PBX) that will give small businesses dexterity of big corporate players, while the big players with existing PBX do not need to change things as STN technology is highly compatible.

He added that the SME feature and multiple device extension functionality make it possible to initiate and receive calls anytime, anywhere and on any device with dedicated support and easy connection.

He said: “This is like carrying your office table phone with you everywhere you go”.

He said the product is being reintroduced to businesses and homes to ease the challenges that are being faced in the course of communication with one another on the bases of social and business interactions.


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