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#EndSARS: Hustlers have taken over!

#EndSARS: Hustlers have taken over!

15 October, 2020

Fredrick Nwabufo


SIR: The EndSARS movement began as a righteous agitation against years of police brutality and regime oppression. It was citizens’ convulsive reaction to state terrorism. But it appears the vultures have come to feast on the carnage left in the wake of police clampdown on peaceful protesters. The spirit of 10 Nigerians dispatched to the netherworld since the spasm of #EndSARS protests groans in mortification.

There will always be people who pursue blinkered agenda secreted in the noble goal of the collective. The EndSARS protests have been miscarried. The movement has been seized by some avaricious interests. The peoples’ fight has been merchandised by those who foxily put themselves up as ‘’stakeholders of #EndSARS movement’’ even while declaring, ‘’there is no leader of the protest’’.

Just like those who sit on high pillaging the country, the youth have among them vultures who feed on the carcass left by the predators of Nigerians. It is like a pyramid of oppressors. The predatory political and business class guts the citizens and leaves the remains from its belch to so-called ‘’youth stakeholders and representatives’’ some of whom have taken up residence on social media.

The #EndSARS movement is now an enterprise.

What started out as organic demonstrations have become contaminated by GMOs – greed, money and offerings. What many protesters on the streets do not know is that while they are giving their sweat and blood for country, some persons are brokering deals for themselves on their behalf. Money and offerings – appearing as benign gifts and support to the cause from those who constitute the bulk of Nigeria’s problems – are exchanging hands.

As a matter of fact, I would like to be educated on this. Why are some ‘’microwave activists’’ parleying with agents of the government and business leaders on #EndSARS protests, but at the same time insist they are not leaders of the cause? So, who and what do they represent at the meetings? Themselves, the movement or their wallets?

Yes, I understand meetings have been held among the same group of people on #EndSARS for at least three times since the protests convulsed. I am also aware that there is a social media dichotomy on this cause. Certain ‘’influencers’’ are enlisted to promote pre-conceived hash-tags to drown out others of kindred purpose. Nothing is without design. The organism of the citizens’ action has been artificiated. There is also an element of opposition sponsorship by politicians who seek to benefit from the crisis.

Really, the hustlers have taken over. This is not an attempt to submerge the #EndSARS cause in controversy. But we must get off the emotional high and face up to the fact.

EndSARS has been appropriated. The mission is compromised! I repeat, the mission is compromised!

  • Fredrick Nwabufo, <fredricknwabufo@yahoo.com>

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