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‘My art goes beyond boundaries’

‘My art goes beyond boundaries’

4 October, 2020

Chika Aneke, a Fine Artist, is of the Nsukka Art School.  He is an enigmatic artist whose multiplicity of styles always define his signature.  Emerging as the best in his set at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, he has since moved on by creating his own class and peculiar niche.  He speaks to Edozie Udeze


Chika Aneke, an artist, obviously is outstanding.  He comes along as one of the best of his generation with his brushes and paints.  When you see his works you notice outstanding qualities.  He has gone places showcasing his works both home and abroad.

And so he says in this interraction all that needs to be known about him and his works. “Incidentally, the whole of humanity happens to be experiencing a phenomenal change in history at the moment ; dreams are crumbling on daily basis right under our watch; quality of lives/living are depleting on a global scale and the number of lives lost daily across the world due to the dreaded pandemic code named Covid19 is of epic proportion.

It therefore would certainly be difficult to say particularly in which direction one’s artistic explorations would be focusing on because we are challenged with a plethora of subject-matters right here.

Although I had earmarked one way upon which my artistic explorations will be headed at a time like this. – I believe there is no better time than now to use one’s creativity as a beacon of hope and trust in the one who made us all for himself.

There is therefore the need to use one’s art to beam the floodlights on the essence of being close to God now than ever, hence the pandemic – Covid19 strikes like a resounding wake up call to humanity clearly and constantly playing out every day like the proverbial ‘night time’ that precedes ‘the day’.

Virtual marketing is fabulous for the arts nonetheless because it helps to reach millions of audiences worldwide in a matter of seconds. However, viewing an online art exhibition still can never diminish the thrill of attending a live gallery art show.

The two experiences are absolutely incomparable. This is simply for the fact that, attending a live gallery art exhibition as it pertains to its enduring visual impact often leaves the audience completely transformed and wowed away as opposed to viewing same online.

It can sometimes become very difficult to appreciate a particular piece of art by simply viewing the art pieces on display through the screen of your device. Oftentimes, you do not get to see and feel the surfaces as well as the contours of some works of art supposedly on display properly through the displaying glass screen of your gadget.

•One of his works

Colours may look different because colours is an electromagnetic wave. The eyes sometimes see everything in grey if there isn’t sufficient light.

Summarily speaking, virtual or online technology can certainly introduce art to a wider audience but it can never replace the atmosphere of actually being at a live gallery exhibition and that atmosphere is as a matter of fact, part of the experience as the actual performance.

Sadly, I am sincerely not motivated enough to share any significant studio creative experience of note with anyone during this recent lock down because I was rather too dazed, heartbroken and absolutely disappointed with the purveyors of the ‘new world’ and our governments who invented and are seriously pushing this horrifying and inexplicable agenda that I am yet to accomplish much since after having  my well put together arrangements for an earth-shaking solo exhibition (having toiled nonstop for a long time in the studio) ruined with the enforcement of a sudden lock down.

I just  happen to be in the process of conceptualizing and finalizing on deeper ideas on the subject matter only recently despite the plentitude of explorable concepts under this topic.

They are abstract figures and iconographic  symbols that depict hope, pity and compassion for the continent Africa for perpetually being used as ‘Guinea Pigs’ especially at a peculiar time like this by the ‘superior authorities ‘ while our leaders across the continent sadly remain complacent and compliant.

I would rather not expend one’s scarce creative energy and time on this issue , but since you insist on having my take right here, I would love to be as brief as possible .

First of all, you must have to realize that when it comes to private galleries in Nigeria today, only a few of them are committed to truly promoting the artist and his art the way he/she ought to .

The rest of them in that line of business are mere ‘hustlers’ and ‘charlatans’  who are only there for what falls into their pockets regardless of if they are taking the needful steps to see to the growth of the artist career wise or not.

Secondly, only very few of them are privileged enough to possess the right kind of education and knowledge based exposure  on how to manage the artist, his works, his exhibitions and other related projects . This is precisely why artists keep getting disappointed whenever they are poorly treated by these private gallery operatives, forgetting the good old Latin proverb that says, ‘Nemo dat quod non habet’, meaning, ‘no one gives what he/she does not have.

Yes, I am.

Although I cannot guarantee I know when precisely, but I do know that when the world opens up again and activities are back to normal especially with the art world, the next episode of a solo exhibition of mine entitled, ‘Timeless Masterpieces – the Art of Chika Aneke’ (partly one of the few factors that God used in paving the way for me to be considered in the Prestigious U.S. Government Grant I was selected for in 2019 which I eventually won) kicks off by God’s special grace



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